Product characteristics of tubular heat exchanger

Among the many tube heat exchangers, the tube and tube heat exchanger is a very important device, and it is also our extremely common type of shell and tube heat exchanger. As a special partition type heat exchanger, the tubular heat exchanger can reduce heat loss in the actual heating process, so it also occupies an extraordinary position in the heat exchanger family. In terms of structure, the tubular heat exchanger has a clear structure and simple logic. It is roughly composed of a shell, a pipe array, a matching tube sheet, and a joint. Among the many product types, the most common application is the fixed tube plate heat exchanger. The fixed tube-plate type can make the heat exchanger achieve a high-strength fixing effect, making its integrity more prominent; at the same time, the use of welding methods can also bring about an off-site simple installation operation process. However, it should be noted that, due to the introduction of the pipe array, the tube-and-tube heat exchanger does not have an advantage in weight, and cannot be flexibly turned and moved like a floating head heat exchanger. In addition, if it is a tube-and-tube heat exchanger that uses U-tubes, it is more convenient to clean.


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