Food and beverage

The food and beverage industry includes three industries: agricultural and sideline food processing industry, food manufacturing and beverage manufacturing. Their common feature is that they use agricultural and sideline products as raw materials, and the products they produce are closely related to people’s lives. The food industry has the following characteristics:
1. The food manufacturing process includes washing, cooking, concentration, sterilization and moisturizing storage. The process is repeated heating and cooling operations, adding water when diluting and heating when concentrating. During the storage and processing of raw materials, in order to prevent quality deterioration, cooling is required. In the circulation process, there is not only room temperature circulation, but also low temperature circulation. Heating energy and water are indispensable resources.
2. Food is composed of organic matter. Since it is processed by animals and plants, it is not expected to be placed naturally during storage and circulation. In most cases, cooling is required. In the food and beverage process, repeated heating, cooling, separation, sterilization, ultra-high temperature sterilization, heat recovery and other steps are carried out. Qinglei heat exchangers will provide appropriate heat exchange solutions to provide precise control for food, especially for materials that are viscous or contain particles, there are special requirements for heat exchange equipment.
In the processing of dairy products, the Qinglei heat exchanger can be used for preheating and cooling of skimmed milk before separation of milk fat, as well as the pretreatment of mixed materials to make yogurt. Whether it is low heat sterilization, dairy heating or cooling curd cheese, retentate, infant milk powder or many other types, our heat exchangers are very suitable and guarantee high efficiency and safety. In the beer industry, beer is brewed. The sugary liquid made from wort, called wort, is fermented in beer to make alcohol. After years of development, our heat exchangers are not only used for wort cooling, they are also used for conducting waste gas condensation, cooling yeast, deep cold beer, heating CIP solutions and performing other heat treatment processes.
In addition, our heat exchangers are very suitable for pasteurization processes for aseptic cold filling of fruit juices, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, concentrates and syrups. Our heat exchangers and heat exchange systems meet hygienic requirements and higher heat requirements, and can be used safely in all food and beverage industries.

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